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Nature of our service

A lot of small startup companies and big companies R&D departments have a problem with manufacturing of product prototypes. For them it’s difficult to find a company that will provide complex service in manufacturing of different parts and assembly. But orders placement in different companies specialized in manufacturing and having specialization in one or two technologies provides growing of expenses and sometimes even impossibility fit into the budget. The core of the problem that companies specialized only in one field (e.g. milling/turning) never will proposed good price for small quantities, and as result customer will pay bigger money like for serial manufacturing. Our specialization not serial manufacturing but system manufacturing based on our own equipment in different technologies, that’s why we can suggest outstanding prices for total manufacturing solutions when our customer will get complete (even assembled) product based on different technologies from us. It’s very good value for small and medium size companies that want to get some prototypes of new product but don’t have budget for build up their own manufacturing/assembly workshop or invest money into serial outsourcing on prototyping stage.

Equipment and technologies

   Our company is a manufacturer of various types of different vehicles/machines mechanical and electronic parts. We can work with plastic, steel, aluminum and other materials. We can manufacture all types of analog and digital electronic devices with SoCs inside. Our technologies and equipment provides possibilities for manufacturing of different parts of machines like: frames, caterpillar’s blocks, wheel and caterpillar suspensions, body plastic and metal parts, electronic boxes, belt and chain transmissions, electromechanical parts etc.

  To achieve high quality of products, we use modern design technologies and precise program-controlled machines. Our machine park has several CNC milling machines for machining various materials of a wide variety and forms. It can be steel, aluminum, plastic and other non-metallic materials. For example, for the manufacture of vacuum-molded products, we use forms from medium density fiberboard.

  Some of the CNC machines were developed and produced by ourself. We also manufacture high-precision parts of rotation, such as pins for molds, complex parts having spherical or shaped surfaces, various shafts. To reduce production time, we use a variety of machine tooling, for example, the fourth axis or universal dividing head for milling, if necessary, we manufacture our own tooling. Vacuum tables we use have our own production. Modernization of the surface grinding machine for modern conditions of work was also performed by our specialists. We developed and implemented a coolant cleaning system for non-magnetic materials, anufactured several evices for quick and convenient maintenance of the cutting tools. We also have a number of auxiliary machines, such as drilling, slotting, grinding. A slotting machine, for example, allows us to make rotational transmission nodes.

About US

Our small high-tech company was created as a team capable of performing complex system projects (as design as manufacturing) in the field of both electric/hybrid off-road autonomous and semiautonomous vehicles and transporters. Solving the tasks of creating such equipment, we have developed a complex system for organizing the production and management of the company, allowing our small team to solve complex engineering problems at the system level with fast manufacturing target product. To date, we have all the necessary technologies and equipment for develop and manufacture both autonomous and semi-autonomous off-road vehicles and transporters. Except vehicles with help of our technologies we can produce other special machines and equipment with BLDC/PMSM motors for various purposes.

Today, when the main part of the development and production of our products no longer requires the full participation of the team in its production, being well-established technological processes, we have the resources that allow us to help you with your tasks.

Today in the EU market, our company is ready to offer the services as:

  • Small quantity manufacturer for manufacturing mechanical, plastic, casting and molding parts
  • Your equipment/machine parts producer
  • Design and manufacturing of custom-made specialized chassis for electric and hybrid transport vehicles
  • Design and production of onboard control and power drive train systems of electric and hybrid transport vehicles and any kind of electric machines with BLDC/PMSM drive motor
  • Design and production of injection molds and production of electronic equipment from various thermoplastics by injection molding
  • Design and production of molds for forming spatial body elements of machines and mechanisms by the method of vacuum molding and thermo-vacuum molding of various thermoplastics
  • Onboard systems components sale and adaptation for electric and hybrid transport vehicles


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phone +386-307-77-050