Custom mechanical parts manufacturing

We have different technologies and equipment that provide for our customers possibilities to get in short time almost any type of mechanical parts

Machinery milling

We have different milling machines for different purposes that can be used for milling process of different metals and plastics.

Our milling machines:


Three axes CNC vertical machining center for steels, aluminum alloys.

Milling centers of the VDF series are manufactured on the basis of a cast bed, in which there are no internal stresses. This ensures high stability of processing, the absence of vibration and allows the use of this machine for high-performance operations with a large removal of material, as well as the use of progressive cutting modes. Japanese Fanuc 0i-mate MD CNC system onboard.

  • Workpiece size, mm  — 1000 х 500 x 600
  • Maximum load on the table, kg – 500
  • Tools magazine capacity – 20 pieces
  • Power – 25 kVa
  • Positioning accuracy — 0.5 mkm

Milling and engraving CNC machine Suda ST-5040

The milling engraver is additionally equipped with a coolant system that lubricates the tool at the place of processing the material. It also has a modified PC control. The equipment is widely used in the woodworking industry, for non-ferrous metals and plastic processing. High speed spindle up to 24000 rpm.

  • Workpiece size, mm  — 500 x 400 x 100
  • Positioning accuracy — 0.0125 mm
  • Power — 2 kW

3 axes CNC milling machine Roland MDX-540SA with Roland Rotary Axis Unit ZCL-540

Ultra-precision machine, based on the MDX-540, with the same functions, but higher accuracy due to the use of more powerful drives and precision ball-screw pairs. Machine usually used for complex form parts from polyamide, PTFE and other plastics, also for aluminum alloys. Precision of this machine allows you to make parts with very high surface quality.

  • Workpiece size, mm  —  550 x 420 x 155
  • Positioning accuracy — 0.001 mm
  • Power 700 W


Examples of our milling:

Casting form milling


We provide manufacturing aluminum casting forms.





Molding form milling


We are milling molding forms from medium density fiberboard by step by step layers milling.

Our molding form milling machine:


  • Workpiece size, mm  —  2550 х 1550 х 250
  • Positioning accuracy – +-0.2 mm
  • Power – 2kW

Examples of form milling:


Cutting milling


Our cutting milling machine:

  • Workpiece size, mm —  1200 x 1200 x 125
  • Positioning accuracy – +-0.2 mm
  • Power – 1.5kW

Examples of our cutting:



We have turning machines for different purposes that can be used for turning process of different metals and plastics.

Our turning machines:

CNC lathe 6150z, Fanuc 0i-mateTD

On the machines of the CKE6150Z series, the following types of turning in the chuck can be performed according to the program: turning, boring, machining conical and shaped surfaces, trimming the ends, grooving grooves, cutting threads with a cutter, machining parts such as lids, flanges, bushings, rollers, short axes, small cases, glasses, half couplings, processing of internal surfaces with the centering tool.

The material of the workpiece: non-ferrous metals, light alloys, various types of steel, cast iron.

  • Max.  diameter – 400 mm
  • Max.  length – 1000 mm
  • Positioning accuracy — +- 0.005mm
  • Power – 20 kVa

Mini lathe MetalMaster turner 280×700

The equipment belongs to the category of multi-functional machines, suitable for small industries. It can handle both metal and plastic products. Turning and milling works are available to the user.  Mainly used for making small parts from various steels, aluminum alloys, plastics, wood etc.

  • The engine (turning / milling.) — 850 W / 850 W / 230 V
  • Maximum length of processing — 700 mm
  • Maximum diameter of processing — 266 mm
  • Spindle speed (turning) — 150-2500 rpm (smoothly)
  • Maximum diameter of cutters / drills — 16 mm
  • Spindle speed (cutters) — 180-3200 rpm

Examples of our turning:



Our slotting machine:

  • Slot width – 8 mm
  • Max. move – 120 mm
  • Number of strokes (speed) – 47 per min
  • Power – 1,1 kw

Examples of our slotting:

Surface grinding

Our surface grinding machine:


The machines of the model 3e711vf2 are intended for machining in the automatic cycle the flat surfaces of articles made of cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals on a table mirror.

Non-flatness and non-parallelism of treated sample surfaces with dimensions of 120 x 240 mm, not more than 0.004 mm.

  • Accuracy class  — High
  • The length of the working surface of the table mm  —  630
  • Table width mm  — 200
  • Main drive power kW — 5.5

Examples of our surface grinding:

Turning grinding


Our turning grinding machine:

3110M Universal circular grinding machine with increased accuracy.

The machine is designed for grinding cylindrical and conical outer and inner surfaces.

  • Max diameter – 140 mm
  • Max length – 200
  • Main drive 2kW

Examples of our turning grinding:

Vacuum molding (ABS, HDPE)


Our vacuum forming machine:

Our company uses the technology of thermo-vacuum molding (TVM) to create the case spatial elements of transport machines. TVM has a working field 2200 x 1200 mm. The basic technology of manufacturing molds is layer-by-layer milling of fiberboard on special equipment, followed by grinding and coating with a heat-resistant anti-adhesive layer. The main thermoplastics we use are LDPE and ABS. For a high volume products, we design and produce special shipways for contour cutting after molding.


  • The size of the surface of the molding — 1140 * 2340 mm
  • The size of the workpiece — 1200 * 2200 mm
  • Forming depth — 750 mm
  • The course of the draping table — 820 mm
  • Material used — sheets of thermoplastic materials with a thickness of 0.1-10.0 mm.
  • Power consumption 52 kW;
  • Dimensions VFM, LxWxH: 3000x1900x2800 mm.
  • Billet heating one-sided. (KGT lamps 1000 W)
  • TVFM is completed with a water-ring vacuum pump.

Examples of our vacuum forming (molding):

Plastic casting


Our plastic casting machine:

  • Pressure – 30 ton
  • Fill volume – 160 cm3
  • Power — 12 kW

Examples of our plastic casting:

PCB p&p machining

manual operated stencil printer (C.I.F. TECPRINT);

Max stencil
Mini stencil
Mini PCB
Net weight 
210 x 320 mm
50 x 50 mm
200 x 270 mm
30 x 50 mm
315 x 550 x 200 mm
5,5 Kg 

high accuracy SMD manipulator (C.I.F. PRECITEC.Elite);

Working area
Accuracy of placement
Syringe support for dispensing
Working temperature
Sound level
Ext. Dimensions L x w x H
Net weight
Electrical supply
350 x 400 mm
0402 to QFP, accuracy of placement 0,65 mm
included as standard
until 900 components / hour
15 to 40° C
< 70 dB(A)
600 x 500 x 300 mm
17 Kg
230 V-  50/60 Hz

Our precision pick and place machine in combination with manual stencil printer allow to assembly a wide range of packages down to 0402 SMD chips.

PCB soldering

batch reflow oven (C.I.F. FT-02);

  • Working area 190 x 290 mm
  • Heating 2 levels
  • Quartz heating elements 2 x 1 KW
  • Temperature control by microprocessor
  • Working temperature up to 300°C
  • Thermic stabilisation time about 5 minutes
  • Ext. dimensions W x l x H: 410 x 400 x 310 mm
  • Net weight 17.5 Kg
  • Power supply 230 V — 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical supply 110/220 Volts, 50- 60 Hz on normalised plug 16 A with differential circuit breaker 30 mA + ground. Total power 2,2 KW
  • Noise level Lower than 50 dB(A)


Cables manufacturing





We can offer electronic unit compounding for improving IP protection level. High quality one and two component sealants are used for achieving best possible results.

We’re using compounding for different electronic modules isolation,


3D plastic printing


Our 3D plastic machines:

  • Materials for printing plastics — ABS, PLA, PVA
  • The thickness of the thread, mm — 1.75
  • Print resolution, microns — 50
  • Maximum printing speed, cm3 / hour — thirty
  • Movement speed PG, mm / s — 150
  • Positioning accuracy, micron — XYZ: 50
  • Maximum dimensions of the model, mm — 185x160x150

Examples of our plastic printing:


Machinery assembly


We’re making assembly of different complicated electro-mechanical equipment and machines.