Molding and casting forms design

Since the creation of the finished part model, the process of designing the mold for its casting begins.

  1. Determines the volume of the part, its dimensions, the composition of the plastic.

  2. The process of the casting itself is being preworked out, during which the points of entry of the sprues, the place of separation of the molds, the point of withdrawal of excess material and air are determined.

  3. During the design process, the model of the product itself may vary slightly in order to ensure a normal fill. As a rule, these changes allow to remove the finished casting from the mold without damaging it and to ensure the possibility of shrinkage of the part after the casting.

                          Before                                                                After

  4. Designed mold, usually consisting of a matrix, punch, pushers of various kinds. During the design of the form is constantly checked its manufacturing technology. During the design, a cutting tool is selected, additional accessories are designed, grinding elements are selected

  5. When the design is complete, the production process begins. But in the production process may appear factors that will lead to the need to make changes to the construct. For example, the expansion of the sprues or an increase in the angles for removal of parts.