Molding plastic and form manufacturing

Our company develops and manufactures forms for vacuum molding, and also deals with vacuum molding of plastic. This technology was first used by us to create a body of our Vanquisher ATV. Today, we can mold plastic up to 10 mm with a size of 1200×2250 mm.

The form is created in stages, layer-by-layer milling of MDF, followed by gluing sheets on a plywood base.

Then, the mold is drilled at the vacuum points, cleaning and grinding of all parts adjacent to the formed plastic.

The form to ensure safety and increase the service life is covered with special compounds that reduce moisture permeability and have low thermal conductivity. When hardening, the composition hardens, this increases the mechanical strength of the surface of the form and allows you to keep the size of the form identical to all its service life.

Used plastic: in our work we use ABS and polyethylene. The molding of other materials, such as acrylic, polycarbonates, PVC, is also easy to implement.